The "Honorary Mayor of Middleborough" is our election-style fundraising contest. Each dollar raised is a vote. The person who raises the most money earns the title. We aim to simulate, as close as possible, a real election. Candidates must select a Deputy Mayor running-mate. Nomination papers must be filed by January 31, 2017. The "campaign season" is February and March. The winner will be announced at an Inauguration Ceremony held in early April. The "Honorary Mayor" holds the title for one year, until their successor is Inaugurated. 

Are you interested in running? Honorary Mayor candidates 
do not need to be residents of Middleborough, and can be any age. Deputy Mayor candidates must be a deceased person from Middleborough's past, and they do not have to be buried within Middleborough. Signers of the Nomination Papers do not have to be residents of Middleborough and they do not need to submit a fee (we do hope they will "vote" for you!). Voters can be any person or organization. 

New for 2017: We recognize that people are involved in many activities, causes, and organizations. We invite people who are involved in other causes to fundraise for the Friends of Middleborough Cemeteries, Inc. as a candidate in our "Honorary Mayor of Middleborough" contest. Our "campaign season" will includes activities designed to maximize exposure, such as our "Candidates Forum" that will air on Middleborough cable, our radio spots, our "Candidates Dinners", and our Inauguration.  You may use all of our forums to raise awareness of your "supported cause and organization". 

Questions? Please feel free to ""!

For 2017, Inauguration Day is Tuesday, April 4th in the Ballroom of the Middleborough Town Hall.

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