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April 11 - 13  10:00 am through 5:00 pm

Celebrate Spring at Middleborough's Oliver Mill Park for the Herring Run Festival.  Massachusetts' Herring Run is one of the most spectacular natural resources in New England  On April 11-13, 2014, join local residents, businesses and artisans in a celebration of this natural resource.  The first annual Herring Festival features live animals, music, a variety of conservation activities and demonstrations.  More information and a complete schedule of events can be found on Facebook or Twitter  There is a Native American belief that herring "sing".  In April 2014, visit Oliver Mill Park in Middleborough and listen carefully.  You might just hear them as they run up the Nemasket River.  Event Location Rte 44 at Plymouth St.  



August 1st and 2nd
Krazy Days 2014 Festival offers free entertainment for all ages.  Located in the heart of Cranberry Country, just north of Cape Cod, Krazy Days is an annual street fair in the historic Downtown business district of Middleboro.  
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Middleboro is now, and has been for nearly three years, the home of Northbrook Academy, a ten year old private school that features small class sizes (less that fifteen students per class) and a faculty made up of experienced, professional teachers many of whom have retired from as many as thirty five years in the classrooms of local public schools.  Several of these high caliber educators also served as department chairs.

By a special arrangement between your Chamber of Commerce and Northbrook Academy, employees of member companies wishing to enroll their children in this outstanding private school are eligible for significantly reduced tuition costs through special access to Northbrook Academy's financial aid program as negotiated by your chamber.

This is, in effect, provides a valuable fringe benefit that you can offer to your employees. It is made available to you at no cost to your company.

For students spending grades 5 through eight at Northbrook but who wish to attend a traditional New England prep school for their high school years, Northbrook has an excellent track record of eighth grade graduates gaining acceptance to and performing well at some of New England's finest top schools. Northbrook's first graduating high school senior has already received acceptances in response to ALL of her  college applications. 

With all that is happening in our public schools, from Common Core to disciplinary parity between ethnic groups, the opportunity to enroll your sons and daughters in a top notch private school at very modest cost is one that your chamber is pleased to be able to offer.

Northbrook Academy has regular information nights on the first Tuesday of each month. You are invited to register to attend with your child or children to see if a Northbrook education would be the right choice for your family.

Northbrook Academy is our neighbor down the hall at the 40 North Main Street building in Middleboro, call Headmaster Paula Boyle at  508 947 8047.

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